• To lead the way workers compensationis managed across Australia
  • To reduce suffering and disability from work injuries
  • To provide exemplary performance and outcomes for our clients



  • Market leader in Workers Compensation Management

Occorp was founded in 2001 by 2 leading Occupational Medical Practitioners. Their research revealed that a work related injury is multi factorial and involves much more than the physical injury alone. The solution was a new approach to injury management which when coupled with top quality industry expertise provided outstanding results for employers and injured workers alike.

Today our aim is to provide a rapid, effective and affordable workers compensation solution to employers throughout Australia.

OccCorp is a unique market leader in injury management providing the best product fit for your needs.

We incorporate services including:

  • Injury management
  • Workers Compensation Administration
  • Preferred Medical Network
  • Insurer Co-ordination
  • Claims Management
  • 24 / 7 Injury Early Reporting Line
  • Premium and Audit Services
  • Australia wide coverage
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