Fully Outsourced

Injury Management Solution
  • This solution enables a client to put the management of their workers compensation programme into the hands of experts. OccCorp provides end to end management; everything from Claim administration through injury management, claims and premium management.


Developmental Programme
  • This programme is typically delivered over a 2 to 3 year period and aims first to bring Premium cost to their lowest achievable level through the system already described and then to assist and transfer the knowledge to your staff to enable them to maintain those premium levels.

Early Intervention

Reporting Line
  • This service provides 24/7 access to report an injury and to arrange effective early treatment. The service is staffed by experienced Injury Managers. It also provides immediate notification to key people in your business. The service operates nationally for all your employees whether they are onsite or working from home. We provide a comforting level of visibility and risk mitigation to your business. Please contact OccCorp to discuss your needs.


Assistance Line
  • This service has been developed as a way for employers to assist, support and guide employees through the process of assessment. We provide regular updates on progress to the employer. This allows us to provide valuable information on the effects of the virus across the workforce. This service is available nationally. Please contact OccCorp to discuss your needs.


Service Options
  • OccCorp provides a range of individual services which can be customised to suit company needs These include;

Workers Compensation Health Analysis

OccCorp provides a total review of your Workers Compensation Programme.

We look at you claims and premium performance, your Injury and Claims Management processes and provide a comprehensive report on your current position along with suggestions for improvement.

This analysis looks at both hard and soft aspects of your programme looking at data along with interviews conducted with key stakeholders in the organization.

Depending on the size of you organization the process typically takes on to two weeks.

Workcover Claims Administration

OccCorp can provide a fully outsourced claims administration service. We can provide coverage around all the administrative paperwork between Company, Payroll and Insurer. This includes new claims, wage calculations, reimbursements, medical accounts and reconciliations.

Acute Injury Management

Early notification and proactive management of workplace injuries is the only way to reduce the suffering of injured workers and significantly reduce the costs associated with these injuries.

  • Early notification & intervention line staffed by experienced Injury Managers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year
  • Focused total injury management during the acute stages of an injury
  • Brief and hand back management of a workplace injury at a time that suits you; or you can leave it to us and utilise our overall injury management service

Injury Management Services

OccCorp provides a standalone Injury Management service whereby an OccCorp Injury Consultant can provide standard Return to Work function to an employer on either a short term or hourly rate basis.

Claim Management Services

OccCorp can provide expert assistance for specific complex claims issues on an hourly rate basis including strategy setting, insurer liason and Conciliation attendance.

Health Network Services

This service is designed for companies that already have robust internal injury management systems.
This service will provide access to our 24/7 Injury Reporting Line and appointments made with medical providers who understand work related injuries and the return to work process

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